We wanted to be home for the holidays.

Our family was trying to talk to my husband, and I to come visit for the holidays.

  • I was the type of person who wanted to spend the holidays at home.

I didn’t mind visiting, but I wanted to back in my bed at night. Our kids didn’t understand this, and thought it was just us being old. We also had eight kids and didn’t want any of them to think we were playing favorites. If we went to one kid’s house this year; we would need to go to the other kid’s houses in other years. We would never spend the holidays at home. As we predicted, our youngest daughter was upset that we wouldn’t spend the holidays with her, but we didn’t care. She kept her home at 76 degrees. She thought it was better for the baby, but the baby was almost a year old. She had radiant, heated flooring in every room in the house. My husband said he couldn’t sleep in a room that was that warm. We had our bedroom thermostat at 65 so we could sleep comfortably. I couldn’t sleep if the bed itself got warm. I would have my feet out from under the covers all night long. We knew the bed in her house would be at the seventy-six degrees she kept in the house. We finished our visit and headed home. It was nice to be at home and relax in our recliners all day long. We had a new HVAC system that kept our home at a steady 70 degrees, and there were no kids around to disturb our naps.