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Daisy set down the musky cologne she had been dabbing in the hollow of her throat and turned to her daughter, who was regarding her solemnly.

She experienced a familiar warmth as she gazed at the beautiful topaz eyes and the little elfin face surrounded by golden curls cut as shorts as Daisy’s own.

Even though Noelle never complained, Daisy knew she was not doing enough for herself and her daughter. She loved her daughter’s optimism just like her own; the only problem was that Daisy’s worries were getting the better of her in recent times. Things were tough, and their shabby and stuffy place was a testament to that. The HVAC was screaming for replacement, but Daisy didn’t have money. She didn’t even have money for HVAC maintenance, let alone buy new HVAC equipment. The last time Daisy called the HVAC business was so long ago she could not even remember what she needed then. What she did remember was that the HVAC professional told her that she needed to start saving for quality HVAC equipment to help with indoor comfort since the one running was on its way to being obsolete. Daisy should have taken the HVAC repairman seriously, but even when she was scraping by, she couldn’t afford a quality HVAC, even from the cheapest HVAC brands. The HVAC provider added that even the thermostat was failing. The HVAC unit was the least of Daisy’s worries but feeding her daughter was, and she was not sure she was doing an excellent job at it. The HVAC installation had to wait, and till now, it has been waiting.

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