All prepared for Spring with air purification

Both of us are cruising right toward the beginning of December plus I’m not scared, and this is usually the time of year that I’m scouring the store for flu symptom meds, or I sometimes even call the doctor to make a preemptive appointment for the prescription meds.

That’s the sort of seasonal pollen irritations I have.

And so I normally dread the Spring! But with an replace to the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, I’m no longer fearing the Spring, but in fact, I’m so thankful that I will be going into that once dreaded season with a pollen refuge. Where I live, every one of us have a unquestionably mild sort of winter. That means that the heat pump stays pretty still all winter. But that also means that every one of us get a dose of pollen as early as December. And then, that tree plus turf pollen just keep on coming. Thanks to the whole cabin air purification method the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier installed inside the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, I’ve got a pollen sanctuary in my home. This sort of air purification absolutely destroys the DNA of the pollen that gives myself and others such a strenuous time. Actually, the whole cabin air purification method removes all indoor air contaminants with ultraviolet light… So along with the pollen, this air cleaner will take care of pet dander, bacteria plus anything else that is suspended in the air. But for me, the biggest benefit is being able to absolutely like a Spring for once. It will be the first time that I can remember where I don’t spend weeks at a time feeling just miserable. Instead, I’m going to like seeing things yellow up plus the temperatures warm. I suppose I’ll still get some of the flu symptom meds from the store though since I can’t stay inside the central a/c of my cabin all day.


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