An unforeseen issue with a dual fuel plan

When the university asked for volunteers to help with the talent event, I was blissful to do it. It was for the middle university pupils; what could go wrong? I would find out much later. All of us would hold the event in the evening, however the team making the arrangement would have to be there in the day. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the hall was that it was too hot, so I checked the control equipment to make adjustments, however it did not work. All of us had to do something about the A/C upgrade. The cooling of the hall was essential, especially since the more the people were, the hotter as well as stuffier it would become. I needed to gain knowledge when it came to cooling products. I had once cleaned a washable filter at home, however that was as far as our A/C care know-how went, so I informed the professor in charge, who called the a/c supplier. The A/C workman arrived in less than an eighth as well as did the necessary A/C repair on the dual fuel system; he also checked the whole-house air purifier, which he said was working fine, however he also commanded the university to replace the a/c filter bi-weekly. He also mentioned SEER ratings of the quality Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C equipment, however our mind was no longer on the A/C install plan however on how the two of us would repair the lighting on the podium. The A/C rep ensured that the a/c plan was in pristine condition, by the time it was day, it was clear that I had gotten more than what I had bar gained for, however everything was in place as well as working as it should.


An unforeseen issue with a dual fuel plan