Four in the morning my radiant heater died

Last night was a really cold one with temps dipping down into the freezing range once again.

I have been in a hibernating mode lately with the cold and dark days we’ve been having. The sun goes down before 6pm and it gets really cold out, making you want to just come home and stay warm the rest of the evening. In the summer I was playing volleyball till about 10pm each day, but now in the winter it feels like I am on a different planet with the cold weather and dark evenings. Soon my air conditioner will be running again and the volleyball nets will be up till well into the night. I am trying to heal my knees so that I can play again, but I am not sure how many more miles they have left on them. This local business did an MRI of my knees and they told me that they are about as shot as my 14 year old climate control system in my flat. I guess after 30 years of playing ball my knees have run their course and will need to be replaced one day soon. It costs a lot of money though and my HVAC tech friend said that it is better to try and delay the surgery if possible. He had his knees done about 15 years ago and he said they are already starting to wear out themselves. He messed them up working on ductwork for too many years and also from having to lift heavy HVAC equipment in the store each day.

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