Gammy suspected that her air ducts were causing her illness

My gammy and I get along well.

She is the only person who has ever understood and supported me.

And I am grateful that she has shielded me from the cruelty that can sometimes come from family members. My parents were shocked when I came out as gay when I was 15 years old. So I ran away and went to live with my mother’s mother. My gamy welcomed me, kept my presence in her home quiet for a week, and then called my parents. Because it was summer, she insisted on my staying with her and returning home only when I was ready. We spent three months caring for her small garden, chicken, cats, and dog. During this time, Gammy informed me that she believed her air ducts were causing her illness. Gammy explained that she had turned on the AC when it became too hot to stay in her farmhouse without air conditioning. Gammy started sneezing and coughing a few days after turning on the air conditioner. The symptoms were worsening as she increased her use of the air conditioner. As a result, she realized it was time for a ductwork inspection. Gammy dialed the local heating and air conditioning company, and this lovely lady answered the phone. The lady booked the appointment after she explained she wanted the ductwork cleaned, and we had to wait 4 hours for the AC technicians to arrive. Because the AC technicians had to clean out the ductwork, this was a two-man job. Gammy was sneezing and coughing because there was so much dust and dirt in the ductwork. The AC technicians also made certain that any gaps in the ductwork were sealed.

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