Gammy thought that her air ducts were causing her sickness

We get along well, me and my gammy. She is the only person who has ever been able to relate to me and encourage me. And I am appreciative that she has protected me from the hurt that family members occasionally inflict. When I came out as gay at the age of 15, my parents were horrified. I consequently escaped and moved in with my mother’s grandmother. After welcoming me into her home and keeping my presence there a secret for a week, my gamy made a call to my parents. She insisted that I stay with her because it was summer and go home only when I was ready. Her small garden, chicken, cats, and dog were taken care of by us for three months. Gammy told me at this point that she thought her air ducts were to blame for her illness. Gammy explained that she had turned on the air conditioning because it had gotten too hot to remain in her farmhouse without it. A few days after turning on the air conditioner, Gammy started coughing and sneezing. She was using the air conditioner more frequently, which made the symptoms worse. She then understood that a ductwork inspection was necessary. When Gammy called the nearby heating and cooling business, a lovely woman answered the phone. We waited 4 hours for the AC technicians to show up after the woman made the appointment after stating that she wanted the ductwork cleaned. This was a two-man job because the AC technicians had to clean the ductwork. There was so much dust and dirt in the ductwork that Gammy was sneezing and coughing. The ductwork openings were sealed by the AC technicians as well.

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