HEPA filter needs to be tossed out

I have kind of a date with this orthodontist this weekend so I am splurging and buying some tooth whitening gel.

It is actually a purple dye that makes the yellow stains appear brighter and whiter temporarily.

I will give it a try because I have a little bit of yellow tint to my teeth and don’t want to gross out the very white toothed dentist when we meet. I used to have really white teeth when I was in my 30s, almost so white that they looked like they were glowing. My electric heating device is also glowing next to me right now as the metal coils glow red to push the heat out into my office. There is a small fan behind the coils that blows the heat out and the thing really warms it up in this room very nicely. I am not sure how much power the portable space heater is using but I guess I will find out when the local business delivers my next bill. I don’t really care what the bill is because I need to be warm while I work or my fingers don’t type as well. This dentist wants to meet at the heating contractor store near the beach so that she can get a washable HEPA filter before we go watch the sunset. That is fine with me because I know the crew there and they can check her out to see if they like her personality. She is actually working for this cooling rep on the side selling mini split air conditioners for extra spending money.


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