I couldn't keep our apartment cold

Recently our air conditioner has been giving myself and others some complications.

The problem is that it seems like no matter what I set our thermostat to the apartment will not be the temperature I set it to, however i’m not sure if it’s our air conditioner, or if it’s our heating system, or what it is, but all I guess is that I’m in the summer time weeks right now, it’s boiling outside plus I’m dying from the heat plus I turn our cooling system on plus I see that the thermostat shows the temperature going down but I do not hear the air conditioner kick on plus I do not guess any cool air coming from our air vents.

It’s really a frustrating problem because as far as I guess our thermostat is toiling completely fine but yet our heating plus cooling system isn’tupdating the temperature to what I said it to. I decided to just go plus schedule an appointment with our local heating plus A/C corporation plus have a cooling specialist come out plus take a look at the problem, but when the cooling woman came out she took a look at our heating plus A/C unit plus told myself and others that there was nothing wrong with either our furnace or our air conditioner. When she told myself and others this I knew she had to be wrong because nothing was toiling when I set the temperature, then however she corrected myself and others plus told myself and others that our Heating as well as Air Conditioning system was fine, the problem was our thermostat. It was our thermostat that wasn’t toiling, not our heating plus A/C system. She recommended I replace our thermostat. I wanted to just repair it but it looked like it was too far gone. I guess it came out of great time because I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a Smart thermostat anyways.


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