I couldn't keep our apartment nice

Recently our air conditioner plan has been giving me some problems; The problem is that it seems care about no matter what I set our temperature control to the apartment will not be the temperature I set it to… I’m not sure if it’s our air conditioner system, or if it’s our oil furnace, or what it is… All I suppose is that I’m in the summer time weeks right now, it’s sizzling outside and I’m dying from the heat and I turn our cooling plan on and I see that the temperature control shows the temperature going down however I don’t hear the air conditioner plan kick on and I don’t feel any cool air coming from our air vents.

It’s absolutely a frustrating problem because as far as I suppose our temperature control is working completely enjoyable however yet our heating and cooling plan is not updating the temperature to what I said it to.

I decided to just go and schedule an appointment with our local heating and AC contractor and have a cooling specialist come out and take a look at the problem, then when the cooling guy came out he took a look at our heating and AC device and told me that there was nothing wrong with either our heating system or our air conditioner system. When he told me this I knew he had to be wrong because nothing was working when I set the temperature; However he corrected me and told me that our Heating and A/C plan was fine, the problem was our temperature control. It was our temperature control that wasn’t working, not our heating and AC system. He commanded I replace our temperature control. I wanted to just repair it however it looked care about it was too far gone. I feel it came out of enjoyable time because I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a Smart temperature control anyways.



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