I decided I would rather be an HVAC tech than a boss

My first task in middle school was washing dishes in the home office at a nursing home, and after about 6 weeks of showing our worth, I was given the chance to become a part-time cook.

At first I thought the other cooks were our friends, however they tried to become our adversary almost instantly after I was given the task. As a teenager, this was tough; I didn’t suppose who to trust plus it was a competition from the start. However, I persisted plus asked for as much advice as I could get from whomever was willing to supply it to me. I started to shadow the chefs because they looked at all of the assistant cooks equally, plus there wasn’t any favoritism going on at the time. While cooking has given myself and others a wonderful means to acquire an income, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Unless you go to culinary school, it isn’t consistently straight-forward to get a task toiling as a real chef or head cook of a restaurant. The problem is all of the culinary school graduates that you have to compete with for various task positions. That’s what led myself and others to trade school to learn the world of residential plus commercial HVAC. Even though trade school costs as much currency as culinary school in our area, I saw that the starting salaries for HVAC servicemans was higher than what I could expect if I worked a better task in the food service industry. While our labor as an HVAC serviceman isn’t straight-forward by any means, the physical exertion in the home office was almost equal to what I have now. Anyone would take the higher paying task if both tasks required equal physical effort.


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