I needed to get inside our air conditioned space

I consistently forget how useful air conditioner is until I am without it, and today is a wonderful reminder of why I love Heating plus Air Conditioning technology plus why I could never live without it.

I agreed to go with our partner to a meeting that was taking place outside.

This was unlucky, since it was in the 90s outside. The meeting was only supposed to last 20 minutes, however that 20 minutes turned into an hour due to some issues plus delays. The first 15 minutes wasn’t so bad, however when the afternoonlight started shining directly on us, I started legitimately feeling the heat. Thirty minutes later, I was dripping with sweat profusely plus fanning myself, but all I could believe about was our wonderfully air conditioned home, plus how badly I wanted to rest in front of the air conditioner vents right now. I looked over at our partner plus noticed he had undoubtedly blatant sweat stains down his back plus front. I felt bad for him as well, plus the two of us exchanged a look that meant the two of us needed to leave asap… Finally, when the meeting was coming to a close, the two of us gave an excuse to leave early plus then practically bolted towards the car, then our hands touched the air conditioner knob inside our vehicle at the same time, plus the two of us turned the air conditioner on. The vehicle ride back new home was a nice cool a single, plus the two of us were beginning to finally guess relaxed, and when the two of us made it back to our home, the two of us both sat close to the cooling vents, plus fully relaxed there.

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