Kamila didn’t know why her AC wasn’t working

Kamila and I have known each other for over a decade.

We first met when my brother invited me to a party shortly after I moved in with him.

I got a job in the city and needed to find a place to live. My brother invited me to live with him until I could find my own place. When I got home from work one evening, he was leaving. He asked if I wanted to join him, and I agreed because the next day was Saturday. The party was fantastic, and I had a great time. My brother introduced us because he knew Kamila, who was my age. We became fast friends and would frequently get together for brunch, coffee, and even shopping. Kamila’s house has become a second home for me, and I even have my own bedroom. I went to see Kamila last Saturday because we were going to clean out her closet and donate what she didn’t use. When I arrived at her house, I inquired as to why the air conditioner was not turned on. It’s extremely hot outside, and I was looking forward to the AC in Kamila’s house, which is always on and working perfectly. Kamila explained that she wasn’t sure why her air conditioner wasn’t working. The problem with her air conditioner had begun that morning, so Kamila contacted a nearby HVAC company for assistance. We heard a knock on the door a few minutes later, and Kamila let in the HVAC technician who had been dispatched to deal with the problem. After an inspection, he determined that Kamila’s thermostat was defective and that she should consider replacing it. He did get the thermostat to work, but it was on its last legs.


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