Kamila wasn't sure why her air conditioner wasn't working

I have known Kamila for more than ten years.

After I moved in with my brother, he extended an invitation to me to attend a party, which is how we first met. I had to find a place to live after getting a job in the city. In order to help me find a place of my own, my brother invited me to move in with him. One evening, as I arrived home from work, he was departing. Since the following day was a Saturday, I consented when he asked if I wanted to accompany him. I had a great time and thought the party was fantastic. My brother, who knew Kamila, who was my age, introduced us. We quickly grew to be close friends and would get together frequently for brunch, coffee, and even shopping. I now consider Kamila’s home to be a second home, complete with a private bedroom. Last Saturday, we were going to organize Kamila’s closet and donate the items she didn’t use, so I went to see her. I questioned why the air conditioner was not on when I got to her house. It’s sweltering outside, so I was looking forward to Kamila’s house’s AC, which is always on and operates flawlessly. Kamila clarified that she was unsure of the cause of her air conditioner’s malfunction. Kamila called a local HVAC company for help because her air conditioner had started acting up that morning. A short while later, we heard a knock on the door, and Kamila opened the door to let the HVAC technician inside. He examined Kamila’s thermostat and found it to be faulty, advising her to think about getting a new one. The thermostat was on its last legs, but he managed to get it to function.

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