Last heating system story to write

My hands are still numb from the cold swim I did earlier today. I don’t know the exact temp of the water but it is well below 50F and I stayed in it for about 12 minutes today, which was a bit too long for water as cold as that. I am trying to warm up under a thick wool blanket but it is taking a long time to do so. I think we have another month or so of really cold days before we start to see any reprieve. I am lucky to have a good working zoned HVAC heating system so that I can just keep one room warm if I want and save money on my heating costs. Last year I didn’t have this system and I was spending so much money trying to warm up the whole flat when I was only using one or two rooms in the place. But now, with this HVAC heating technology that I had installed by the heating specialist, I can just heat up one room that I am using for the day and keep the rest of the house rather cool. The weather will soon warm up though and we will be using the A/C system once again to keep us all cool while it is sweltering hot outside. We should have a month or two though where we won’t need to use any air and we can save a bit of money on our power bills during that time. But in the summer my mini split air conditioners run almost nonstop to keep us cool.


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