Not having a furnace to keep you warm isn’t ideal

I have to run my heat in the apartment a lot this month because it is going to be below freezing outside for the next few weeks.

I am a bit fearful of doing so because the power rates are high now and I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay my bill when it arrives.

I guess I can pay it a bit late, however that means that I will be behind on my other bills that are due after it. It all works out though and I’m just going to trust in the universe. A heating component that is costly to run is still so much better than no type of heating, or cooling component for that matter. I can’t imagine how these people live out on the streets in this type of cold weather. With the wind chill many degrees below zero, not having a fireplace or a space heater to keep you warm can be life threatening. I see a guy walking around all the time with the same clothes and sleeping on the beach in this cold weather. I am not a heating worker, but I can imagine that not having a central heating plan to keep you warm like this guy is doing, must be just excruciating. I will just work more if I need to earn more money so that I can stay comfy in my apartment over the next few months during winter. I just believe sorry for that guy who lives without any temperature control.