One more cooling equipment article for ya

We are in the middle of January and the weather is downright bitter cold.

We have about three more months of this cold weather and then it will start to break and make way for warmer days.

I still am training some people in volleyball but it isn’t so pleasant out there on the beach these days. We try to practice during the warmest part of the day, but when the high for the day is 51F it doesn’t make for such an enjoyable time in the sand. A gas fireplace is nice to have in my flat while I work, but it doesn’t do much to keep me warm when the wind on the beach is cooling us down with every gust. I will work in my flat for the next few hours and then do a quick yoga session before I head down to the beach. My friends have a little man-made fireplace on the beach and they are going to do a bonfire there later when the sun goes down. It should be a fun time and I think we may end up playing some music there too. He is a heating and cooling equipment salesman and we met a few years ago when we were doing a heater maintenance job for a commercial HVAC system in town. I think we are going to play some music tomorrow if the temps are not that cold, which should be a fun time considering we haven’t played together since last year. Maybe now I should go turn on my heated floors and warm my feet up before hitting the beach.


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