Our heating and cooling bills are quite high

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We have this new acquaintance Avie, whom we are going to meet for the first time, to see if we get along so that maybe one day she will room with us in our flat. We have a roommate now but we know she is going to move out in a couple of months and would like Avie to move in. An HVAC worker by day and a heating unit saleswoman by night, Avie works a lot and earns enough money to cover the rent in their flat. It isn’t cheap living in a flat like this, but living near the beach and having a sizable and new flat is worth the extra month. Our heating and cooling bills are quite high and we need someone who earns enough money to cover their half. Avie seems like a good fit for the room. We were living here on our own for a year, but the power bills got so high that we couldn’t afford to pay them on our own. Having a heating and cooling worker is great because she can help us service our HVAC plan if anything goes wrong, and he even knows the importance of cleaning the washable HEPA filter on a correct basis. We know it will all work out and we are looking forward to meeting him this weekend.


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