Portable space heater was installed at the children’s bus stop

The winters have been cold here. I know growing up during the winters standing at the bus stop was always horrendous. I never felt I dressed warm enough to stand outside for five, ten, or even longer waiting for the school bus to pick us up. Now as a father of three children, two of which are in school and the other has a couple of years to go, I decided two months ago to build a small shed at the end of our driveway, big enough to hold our and a few of our neighbor’s kids so they can stay warm for this winter. It didn’t take long to build, a few days after work and a couple of hours on the weekend. I don’t like working on the weekends or I could’ve just completed it for them on a Saturday for example. They used it for a week and said it’s still pretty cold in there and it didn’t make much of a difference unless it was windy out. So I did the next thing, I looked online to find a space heater for sale. All I had to do is run some electric wiring to the shed and there will be a nice portable space heater inside of it to keep them warm. I found a cheap space heater which was nice because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will only be used during our winters. The last month has been great, the kids love it and the neighbors tell me that their kids love it as well. A neighbor down the road is going to build one as their kids tell him about it. Maybe for the summer, I’ll install an air conditioner in it.


Portable space heater was installed at the children’s bus stop