Preparing the air conditioning strategy

Each winter about this time, I like to review and add to my latest strategy when it comes to reducing the cooling costs during the summer.

What started as a chore just to cut costs has now turned into a bit of an interest.

And of course, thanks to the internet, I’ve got seemingly endless tips for saving on the high cost of air conditioning. No strategy is complete without first starting with HVAC maintenance. Make sure that the HVAC equipment gets proper, seasonal maintenance twice a year. there is heating maintenance in the fall and that’s followed by an air conditioning tune up each spring. the heating maintenance really serves as a follow-up to seven or eight months of air conditioning. and the air conditioning tune up make sure that the heat pump is ready for a full load after being dormant for the winter. with HVAC maintenance, the heat pump is running at its most efficient which is key to saving cost. but there are plenty of other interesting ways to lower utility bills due to Cooling in the summer. keeping the house sealed up tight is very important. making sure that the direct sunlight heating is stopped with shades is essential. but I like to add something every year just to see the impact. so this year, I’m making a big commitment by not running the dryer all summer. instead, I’m going to be the one who hangs up all the clothes outside to dry. this should be interesting as I’ve never hung out clothes before. so maybe I’ll enjoy getting outside for a while and saving money on air conditioning.

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