Quality air conditioner not needed right now

I am going to try and finish my work online and hit the store to buy some cat food and kefir, two things that I really need before I run out of them both. That is pretty much all I need to buy and then I am set for another week before needing to shop again. I try to just shop once a week, but sometimes my produce goes bad if I try to keep it in my fridge for a whole week. I am going to buy some cat litter online which is supposed to be the best. My HVAC service plan is going to be running out and I want to go to the HVAC supplier and see how much it would cost to get another five year plan. I think I am going to need a new unit after that, but it would be good to have some kind of plan in place over the last five years of my system’s lifespan. I have to go to the local business later and get some of those duraflame logs for my fireplace this weekend. My friend is going to come over and we are going to play a boardgame while we watch the fire, that should be a fun and relaxing time with her. She and I have been friends ever since meeting at the HVAC provider business where we were working on ductless mini split A/C units back in the day. I will have to grab a blanket now because I am really cold in my office as I write.



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