The importance of cleaning the washable HEPA filter

I have to write just one more article and then I will do some other job online for another 20 minutes, then my workday is done and I can go on with the rest of my morning.

  • I have these new friends, whom I am going to meet for the first time, to see if we get along so that maybe soon they will room with me in my apartment.

I have roommates now but I believe they are going to move out in a couple of months and I would like these two to move in. They are Heating, Ventilation and A/C workers by morning and a heating component salespeople by night. The two work a lot and earn enough money to cover the rent in a place like my apartment flat. It isn’t cheap to live in an apartment like this, but living near the beach and having a giant modern apartment is worth the extra cost. My heating and cooling bills are quite high and I need someone who earns enough money to cover their half, and these two seem like they fit for the room. I was residing here on my own for a year, but the power bills got so high that I couldn’t afford to pay them on my own. Having heating and cooling experts is fantastic because they can help me maintain my Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan if anything goes wrong, and they even know the importance of cleaning the washable HEPA filter on a regular basis. I believe it will all work out and I am looking forward to meeting them this weekend.



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