We installed a ductless heat pump in the office

It’s good to work from home. You can relax and work when you want to. The rest of the time is spent in an environment that you enjoy. I’ve been doing freelance work for years. But lately, I’ve wanted to be in an office. It sounds weird since many people daydream about leaving the office and getting a chance to work from home. But, too much comfort can also hinder your productivity. This is why I jumped at the idea when my friend suggested we set up a small office. There, we could work when we don’t want to be in the house all week, all month. We did some scouting and found a lovely office with reasonable rent and good WIFI. The only problem we noted was the HVAC system in the building wasn’t reliable. We spoke with a rental agent about the HVAC system and she was honest with us. Her suggestion was we could go ahead and install a ductless heat pump in the office. That way, we didn’t have to rely on the building’s poor HVAC system for heating or cooling. Truthfully, her suggestion was great because we didn’t want to have to find a more expensive place. Plus, we had a connection in the HVAC industry that gave us a great deal on a new ductless heat pump. We installed the ductless heat pump in the office and a few days later we were busy at work. It turns out we don’t need too many things to set up a small office. And the heat pump has made the space comfortable and amazing.

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