A very tepid Valentine’s Day for the AC man

Much to my shock and surprise, Valentine’s Day is always tied up at my job.

My partner Connie plus I now celebrate V-day the weekend before the day itself, because I know once V-Day arrives I will be so slammed at work that I will have to stay late.

Three years in a row Connie plus I had to cancel Valentine’s plans because of work, which is why Connie and I changed the date. If you are anything like me then it comes as a surprise that demand for cooling system repair work is so high on this affectionate holiday. There are many major reasons for this. 1st, lots of folks go out for an overpriced supper on Valentines, so the restaurants need to make sure their temperature controls are working perfectly, but no a single wants to have their special date night spoiled by a lousy cooling system, right? Second, for those folks at the cabin who want to spend an affectionate night with their partner, temperature control is essential to the process. Can you Imagine trying to be intimate with your partner if the cooling system isn’t working plus you both are covered in sweat plus feel gross? To feel sexy people need to be comfortable, which means quality temperature control! Connie doesn’t mind, because I always make a lot of extra dough as an Heating plus A/C tech on the holiday, then Valentine’s Day is a single 1 of the busiest afternoons of the year when it comes to heating plus cooling system work, but it’s still not in the Top Three. The three busiest afternoons of the year for the Heating plus A/C industry are always Super Bowl Sunday, Christmas, plus Thanksgiving, in that order.

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