Changing the furnace filters more often

I have recently started decreasing our air filters more often.

  • The reason being I noticed a sharp decrease in our indoor air conditions.

The heating & cooling in our house has typically been entirely good, & even now the heating & air conditioner is still entirely good, and however, it turns out that I wasn’t decreasing the air filters often enough. I used to change the air filters out about once every 6 weeks or so, so about twice a year! For a while, this didn’t seem to have too awful of an effect on our air conditioning component, then but once I got 2 pet cats & a pet cat, that all changed. Suddenly, all of their pet hair was suffocating our poor heating & A/C machine. I noticed our indoor air conditions was abruptly more stuffy & had a bit of a weird odor. I started researching reasons as to why this might happen, & a lot of people were recommending getting a whole house air purification system, which I could consider, but I didn’t think our air quality was awful enough to need an air cleaning system. That is when I saw someone recommend decreasing your air filters out more often, & so that is what I decided to do. I purchased a huge pack of HEPA air filters, & I started decreasing them out every few weeks. That still wasn’t enough, & so now I change the air filters out every week, & I have absolutely noticed a difference in our home.

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