Doing Heating plus A/C work off the books

I don’t want to bog you down with a long backstory about this, but I want you to understand how I came to become an outlaw Heating plus A/C tech.

I worked for the local contractor over the past several years, plus had developed a nice reputation for fast work plus client service. One night I was out having some drinks, plus got into a little scuffle; After I got arrested, I lost my drivers license for three years, plus had to do many hours of community service. My boss fired me, plus nobody else wanted to hire me because of what happened. I was still Heating plus A/C certified, but still couldn’t find any work! Because of this I started doing Heating plus A/C work “under the table.” This meant I worked for currency, plus left no paper trail. This was perfect for shady people who needed work done but didn’t want an Heating plus A/C contractor nosing around. My first major gig was setting up a heating plus ventilation plan for a local marijuana grower! For many reasons the cannabis farmer did not want to leave any kind of paper trail by going through a licensed Heating plus A/C business. This girl legitimately needed a few tips plus pointers from me, because she didn’t want the Heating plus A/C device to use too much power. This is how a lot of pot growers are caught by utility companies seeing a big spike in energy use, so she needed her Heating plus A/C plan to be powerful but very efficient. I set him up with a furnace, a humidifier, plus a small generator to keep everything running smoothly.


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