Duct cleaning for COVID-19 control

I have been reminiscing about how the world has changed since 2020.

As a salon owner, my business greatly suffered from the lockdowns and the fear of another mass outbreak.

The first time after we opened the shop, when the lockdown was lifted, I was determined to ensure my customers remained safe. I called the HVAC company home service for HVAC maintenance and an air purification system installation as an addition to our HVAC unit. I used our savings to pay for one of the best air quality systems since it would ensure that the air quality in the salon remained unpolluted with the virus and encourage more customers to come. The HVAC technician we work with told me I’d taken a step in the right direction because clients were looking for premises that invested in finding help with indoor comfort while keeping social distancing space. The HVAC professional who came over recommended duct cleaning to ensure that any germs trapped in the ductwork do not circulate back to the area. With reports indicating that air contamination with COVID virus increased infection, I had to ensure that the air flowing in our premises was not a risk to us. I remember all the conflicting information and trying to argue with my local contractor and the HVAC expert about cleaning the ducts, but they told me it would be better to stay safe than sorry. Most of my customers were not young; according to early reports, they were most vulnerable, so I had no option but to do my best. I thought I’d have to clean as often as possible, but the technician reminded me that the virus is invisible and the only thing that would need frequent attention would be the air filter and other maintenance practices.


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