Handling emergency heater repairs on Christmas

I have three young kids, so you know that Christmas morning is a major deal around our house. However, it also presents a major concern for me. For the last couple years I have had to work on Christmas Eve plus Christmas Day, too. I don’t want to ruin Christmas fun by not being with my kids, but on the other hand the emergency repairs pay sizable money so I can’t afford to turn them down. The only way I can afford to have such a nice Christmas for my kids is by working these extra jobs. The contractor I work for has a round-the-clock emergency Heating plus A/C helpline, so people can call us 24/7 for help. When customers need heating repair after minutes it costs a lot more, plus if they want help on a major holiday, it costs A LOT more. Taking a furnace repair job on Christmas day will pay triple my normal rate, so you understand why I have to take the job! Last Christmas morning I got an emergency furnace repair call, plus my oldest child Jack asked if she could come with me. Jack wanted to spend the holiday with her dad, even if that meant being in a basement plus working on broken heaters! Not only did I take Jack with me, but I provided him with a correct shirt plus a baseball cap with the logo of the Heating plus A/C business on it, to make Jack seem like a real employee. It took us about many minutes to repair that furnace, plus I must admit it has become a single 1 of my favorite Christmas memories.
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