Here are a few tips for superior air quality

Comic books can be big money. Take it from me, I’m a professional insurance appraiser with a specialty for evaluating the value and worth of comic books plus collectables, but collectables is a euphemism for “old toys” which are often overpriced. I work for a major insurance business, so when some customer needs to insure their comic book collection I am the woman to take a look plus assign a fiscal value to the books. I assure you I savor my job. I have been a fan of comics my whole life, plus I even have a sizable collection of my own. The most crucial aspect of maintaining a collection is having superior indoor air pollen levels. With the highest level of indoor air pollen levels, your collection is bound to begin developing little concerns including mold or mildew; Even mediocre levels of humidity can make the pages begin sticking together, so above all else get a good dehumidifier for your collection room… Buy the nicest, most powerful dehumidifier that you can afford, plus leave it running at all times. If you have a lot of money to invest in a more modern temperature control system, I advocate getting a single 1 of those. Along with a smart thermostat, a dedicated temperature control plan in your collection room will constantly monitor all the levels plus keep your comic books safe plus secure. I understand that this option requires a large investment, so begin with a dehumidifier plus take it from there. I have some customers with huge collections so overpriced that I mandate they must install a dedicated temperature control system, or my company and I won’t insure their comics.

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