I couldn't believe the mess the HVAC technician left.

Whenever I have an HVAC technician to the house, he leaves the work area, looking just like he found it.

Last week, the HVAC technician was making some minor repairs to the furnace. He called me down to show me what he was doing and said he was going back to the office to get a small part. Sometimes, this happens, but when it does, they come back the same day. The HVAC technician didn’t come back that day, and he didn’t call to tell me when he would return. The worst part was that other than picking up his tools, he left a mess around the furnace. My kids playroom is in the basement. I didn’t know what any of the junk was, and I couldn’t let my kids down there with dirty rags laying about. I called the HVAC company and told them my name, then asked when my HVAC technician was coming back. She said it would be some time the next day, but that wasn’t good enough. I wanted an exact time, because I had things to do. I couldn’t sit around all day waiting for someone who had already been here. He said he just had to pick up a part, and he would be back. I then told her he left a mess in my basement, which is also my children’s playroom. She apologized for the mess and told me she would have him at the house no later than noon the next day. If the HVAC technician isn’t here by noon, not only am I going to rip into him about the mess, but I would not pay him for anything other than the part.



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