It's nice to meet up with friends on my day off

I rarely have days off, because I try to work as much as possible.

My boss will let us get overtime if there are jobs that need to be handled.

I work for a busy commercial and residential Heating and a/c plan service business. The corporation has more than 50 different employees and I can still get overtime every single day of the month if I want. I have to tell my boss when I am done taking jobs or he would let me work through the night. When I do have a day off away from the commercial and residential heating and a/c plan service business. My friends and I like a lot of outdoor activities that are outdoors. I recently used all of my overtime to buy a nice bass boat. It is a used bass boat, however it has plenty of room for my friends and I and all of our fishing gear. On Wednesday I decided to finish up my afternoon after I was done with an afternoon ductless air conditioner repair. The weather was nice and I wanted to take out the boat. I called one of my friends Jack to see if he wanted to go with me. We went over to the river and spent the entire afternoon fishing. By the time I took the boat off the water, I was pretty sunburned. The next afternoon when I went back to work, it was difficult for me to move my arms and legs. I honestly should have thought about putting on some sunscreen when I decided to stay out on the boat for hours.


a/c workman