Learn a new skill such as Heating plus A/C repair

If you want to be successful in this increasingly complex world, you need to know a skill.

For years I worked as a retail sales clerk, plus I hated it.

Many of my friends have the same kind of dead-end job, so my friend Ed and I spent our nights drinking beer plus smoking plus complaining about it. One day I met someone new, who convinced me that I was slumming, plus if I wanted a better life I needed to learn a new skill. She taught me that Heating plus A/C work is difficult plus complicated, plus takes years to learn it. Even after you achieve a correct certification, there is still years worth of on-the-job studying to be done. All the work plus effort is worth it, because a certified Heating plus A/C tech can make a truly excellent living plus never need to worry about job security. The concern with a retail job is that you can be fired at any time, with no warning; Retail workers are literally a dime a dozen, as the saying goes. When a woman is certified for Heating plus A/C work, there are frequent occasions for employment that it doesn’t matter if you get turfed. I have met many Heating plus A/C techs who work for many contractors at the same time. They can select who they work for, because that Heating plus A/C certification gives them the power to do so! Each cabin plus every business in the country relies on temperature control in some way. With your Heating plus A/C certification you can go anywhere, work for anyone, because you have skills that are highly in demand.


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