My energy amounts increased because of our Heating and Air Conditioning unit

Recently, our power company SMSed me our monthly electricity USAge report, within the report, the company indicated that there was increased USAge with our energy consumption! Under normal circumstances this would be spine-chilling to me because there would be no reason for our energy consumption to increase unless there was something wrong with the Heating and Air Conditioning or some other appliance in our home.

Well, the reason for the increase in our energy USAge is because I had our entire family staying here with me, however so, of course, when they were here, I ran our Heating and Air Conditioning component more than I usually do when I am beach house alone! In fact, I also had the thermostat set lower at evening so that our family could be comfortable! Typically, I sleep with the thermostat at 73 degrees in the warmer months, however while our family was here, I lowered it to 71 degrees, and one evening, our sibling lowered it to 71 degrees, however that was too chilly for our mom who complained the next morning about how chilly she was during the evening.

So, the two of us all agreed to keep the thermostat set to 71 degrees at evening. My power company would have no method that any of this was happening inside our home. The only thing that they are seeing is that there is unproper interest on our monthly energy USAge. I am glad that the company monitors our energy consumption and sends me notifications when something is odd. It tells me that if in the future there is an increase in our energy consumption, I will be able to guess that there is an issue that I need to address.