My friends have a beekeeping plus honey business

My aunt has been running a beekeeping plus honey company for as long as I can remember; He has typically been honestly good at taking care of bees.

He mostly deals with honey bees but he also has bumblebees on his farm, too. I will typically know of our aunt walking around his bee farm in his beekeeping suit, no matter how aged I get. He is still in good health right now plus I hope that he lasts for many more years! There is no one else around here who has better honey than the wildflower honey that our aunt sells. He has become kind of famous around here because of his bees plus his honey farm. I appreciate the fact that he loves his bees just like each one of them is a tiny little pet. He acts as though each one of them has a name plus he loves them all equally. I typically like to go there to help him out with the bees plus the honey whenever I have the chance. I am hoping that one day, I will be able to go plus work there for him. I would appreciate to take over the beekeeping plus honey farm some day, but not too soon! My aunt knows that I have a lot to learn, so hopefully he will start teaching me all about the things that I need to think when it comes to beekeeping plus honey. I know that running a beekeeping company will be lots of fun plus good for the environment.



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