Poor air quality during detention

It was another day in detention, and this time around, it was not something that was not our doing.

Thirty minutes later, it was getting a little too stuffy for comfort! Even the lecturer on duty observed the change in indoor air pollen levels! Being a guy who can barely keep still, I was bored out of our mind… When it was apparent that there was something wrong with the air quality systems, I asked the lecturer if I could look at the Heating and A/C unit, at first, he thought I was joking or I wanted to leave detention- which I was, however when I insisted, he asked myself and others if I had ever dealt with an air cleaner.

When I told his that our guardian was the local supplier who offered beach house services and I had l gained the workings of some heat and AC products, he called the service guy who led myself and others to the unit. The first thing I checked was the air filter, it was so dirty, and I was relieved that it was a washable filter, so I cleaned it to help with indoor comfort. The next thing was to check the temperature control, which had a high temperature. After inspecting the Heating and A/C component and finding that everything was okay according to the little expertise, I checked out the ductwork. There were leaks, and since I did not have any duct tape, they would have to call the Heating and A/C supplier so that an Heating and A/C professional for duct sealing and duct cleaning not just because the HVAC ducts had layers of years of dust however also to find a possible blockage in the vents. The Heating and A/C supplier would have a run for his money during the Heating and A/C service. By the time I returned to class, detention time was almost over.


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