The Heating and A/C serviceman excused himself and left.

The Heating and A/C serviceman stymied myself and others last week.

She came upstairs, said excuse me, and left.

There was no explanation why she was leaving. She didn’t tell myself and others if the gas furnace was repaired; All I knew was that she was leaving, or I assumed she was leaving. I was sure if she was just going to the repair for something, or leaving until I saw the repair van pull away. I waited over an hour before I called the Heating and A/C corporation to see what had happened. The receptionist said she didn’t know, because they had heard nothing from him. They thought the Heating and A/C serviceman was still at my home. I told her she thought wrong, and I wanted to guess why she excused himself and left. She agreed she would also care about to have that question answered. An hour later, I got a phone call from the Heating and A/C dealer. She was sending a different Heating and A/C serviceman to the house; When I asked what happened to the first Heating and A/C serviceman; she said it wasn’t her story to tell, although she had something personal to attend to. I knew what it was care about to have a personal matter come up while at work, but you either wait until the toil has been completed, or you tell the lady you are working for what has happened. You never just walk out on a job. My hubby told myself and others my need to guess what happened to the Heating and A/C serviceman was just my nosey side coming out. Although the gas furnace was repaired, I was still curious, and truly wanted to call and see if I could get an answer about why the Heating and A/C serviceman left.


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