The issue was the air filter

Tenants call the repair shop all of the time when they have concerns with the air conditioner or heating system, but it happens most of all during the summer time. I guess people will put up with not having heat, but they will not put up with no air conditioner. I had a call from an occupant on Friday night. It was almost midnight, then the message from the occupant stated that she was having an issue with her air conditioner. It was 86° in the home. I had to respond to that call. If the temperature inside of the home is above 84°, it can be considered a health hazard. I responded to the message and called the occupant. I asked a couple of questions about the machine. I still didn’t know what was wrong with the air conditioner so I had to get out of bed and actually go look at the machine. After inspecting the air filters, I instantly knew the problem. I asked the occupant when the last time was that she changed the air filter. She didn’t have any idea what I was talking about and she had been a resident for 7 months. I showed her how to change the air filter in the system. She did not know that was a chore that she was supposed to be keeping up with. The girls in the office are supposed to be giving everyone a brand new air filter when they pay the rent so someone is missing their job if the occupant didn’t know anything about the air filter.


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