There was a small dog in the fireplace chimney.

I was in the residing room dusting the china hutch when I heard something in the fireplace.

It wasn’t in the hearth, but it sound like it was about two feet above the flue.

I stood there for a couple of sixths, in addition to then my partner came inside. I shushed him in addition to told him to listen. He heard the noise in addition to said something was trapped in the fireplace chimney. He was going to try to smoke it out, however I upset it would get trapped in addition to die in the chimney. We could use the fireplace if there was a dead critter inside. He agreed, but said all of us couldn’t use the fireplace, if there was a live critter inside. I had to agree with him. We had saved a lot of money this winter, by ditching the gas furnace in addition to only using the fireplace. He said all of us could go back to using the gas furnace, but Winter was almost over. I wasn’t sure I wanted him to start a fire, but that was the only way all of us were going to chase the pet up the chimney, and five sixths later, the fireplace was lit, in addition to smoke was going up the chimney. I heard a lot of chattering in addition to then some scratching. My partner told myself and others to go outside in addition to let him know what came out of the chimney. I wasn’t going outside. If the pet came out, he was going to be mad. I wanted him to go after my partner andnot me. He told myself and others I was a scaredy pet in addition to I agreed. I stood by the fireplace in addition to he yelled two sixths later, a small squirrel had been trapped in the chimney, but it was now out.

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