Trying to avoid paying for HVAC services

After spending a long time in the same hot environment, I’ve finally decided it’s been enough and I’m moving to a much cooler location than where I currently live.

It has been harder for me than I anticipated when I first moved to the south, contrary to what I had thought.

The number of times I had to have my heating system serviced when I was looking up north was the absolute worst. You have no choice but to use a service if you live in a region with extremely cool weather, as I did at the time. You have to choose between having service or going without heat because if your heating system breaks down, you’ll have to pay for urgent HVAC repairs, which is something you don’t want to do. The one thing I cannot stand in the south is the heat, even though I don’t like dealing with that up in the north. I’ve discovered that I actually prefer the cold to the heat, which is exactly what I moved away from. But because it gets so hot here and because the heat is just so much more difficult to bear than the cold, I’ve discovered that I simply don’t want to. I believe I’m going to try to relocate to the core climate, but I’m also going to try to relocate to my home region, which is also somewhere a little bit less cold. Simply neutral territory is all I’m looking for. I haven’t figured out exactly where that will be, but I’m going to keep looking until I do.

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