A malfunctioning air conditioner fuels a nightmare

I recently had a funny and terrifying experience with my HVAC system.

In a two-story home, I live alone.

When I moved in last year, the air conditioner was already high-quality and working. However, I requested that the cooling agent perform extensive air conditioning maintenance on the system before I moved in. Even though the mini split air conditioner’s installation was seven years ago, the cooling technician gave it a clean bill of health. I’d just gotten into bed the night before, exhausted from a busy day. I once had a dream that I was being pursued by someone who was hissing loudly. I became aware that the noise was coming from my unit when I felt myself start to perspire. When I awoke, there was a pool of water close to one of the vents. I turned off the air conditioner because I didn’t know what was wrong with it and made a note on my to-do list to contact the cooling company the following day. I would schedule AC maintenance and pray that the cooling professional would arrive at my house the same day. I laughed at the dream when I went back to bed and was amazed by how your body can wake you up even when you’re in a deep sleep. If I changed the air filters frequently, the cooling specialist could complete the repairs the same day and even install an indoor air cleaning system to help with indoor comfort and maintain air quality. I was relieved to receive prompt and effective service from the cooling industry because it meant I could stop worrying that the broken unit would cause strange dreams. I was able to learn more about air conditioning as a result.

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