An example of a typical workday at the cooling company

By the time Friday rolled around, I was exhausted from the demanding week before.

  • I get up every morning to go to the cooling company because I adore and value my job as a cooling specialist.

We all get tired from our daily tasks, but we keep working hard because we are passionate about what we do. On Friday morning in the middle of the day, we received a call from the nearby supplier of commercial cooling. A client visited them to ask questions about replacing his HVAC system and to learn more about air conditioning. Although the current air conditioner was still functional, the client complained that it wasn’t very effective. They connected us to the homeowner so we could deal with him directly. The cooling representative who spoke with him once we had him on call suggested that we conduct air conditioning maintenance on the a/c system to ascertain whether it needed replacement. As soon as everything was prepared, we headed over to the customer’s home. It was a large, exquisitely decorated house. I also noticed a magnificent fireplace in the lounge area. We looked at it and discovered that the air conditioning system couldn’t be fixed. We informed the owner, and he gave us the reassurance that he was already aware of the type of HVAC system he wanted. The homeowner said he had been waiting for the ideal time to put in a mini-split air conditioner. In order to prevent any alterations or modifications before the installation, we made plans and provided him with our office phone number. He dialed the number and asked one of the cooling technicians for a new thermostat because he only wanted the best for raising indoor comfort. The owner selected one of the top air conditioners in the cooling business.



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