Calling immediately for furnace repair

The moment I started up the furnace in late fall, I knew there was a problem.

A strong odor of burning lint as well as an excessive amount of dust poured from the vents.

Although the system provided heat, there was definitely less air, and it was making some very odd sounds. I tried changing the air filter and vacuuming out the vents, but my efforts made no difference. I figured it best to call for repair right away. I didn’t want to risk causing further damage by operating a malfunctioning system. Because our local winters tend to last for more than half the year and frequently bring temperatures well below freezing, the furnace is essential. Going without heat isn’t an option, and our monthly energy bills are always a concern. The furnace needs to operate at peak efficiency, capacity and reliability. At that time of year, all of the local HVAC companies were extremely busy. I needed to wait over a week for a technician to come to the house. During that time, I refused to run the furnace, and the house was especially cold and uncomfortable. When the technician inspected the heating system, he said that holding off starting it up had been the right decision. The buildup of dust and other debris within the inner workings was blocking airflow. The added wear and tear could have easily caused the furnace to overheat and potentially caused huge problems. Fortunately, all that was required was a thorough cleaning and tightening of a few wires. The furnace ran perfectly throughout the winter.


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