Fixing the Heating and A/C equipment before the rehearsals were officially started

I continuously worked hard to fan myself with the script I was holding, however it was no use.

When I noticed that everyone present was doing the same, I knew I had to do something to fix the issue. It was our second to last rehearsal, and my pal and I needed to concentrate without any serious distractions. Adjusting the temperature control settings had also not helped too much, so the concern must be the AC. Later on, I went to the director, and she said that she, too, had noticed the heat and the change in air quality and talked to the people in charge of the hall. They should have hired a repair professional who either once worked in the cooling equipment industry or knew how to help with indoor comfort compared to the one who was there and knew essentially nothing. I later learned that he was filling in for a person who happened to be out on sick leave. The director told me to call the employer, who gave me the responsibility of contacting the Heating and A/C equipment dealer. Because I had no clue what the concern was other than the Heating and A/C equipment was not working, I told the AC worker to whom I talked that the site needed Heating and A/C equipment repair. I was afraid that the property services provider would schedule the repair the same day as our last rehearsal, however it was a day before, which was not so bad. I was there at the specified time, however there was nobody there to meet. To their credit, the Heating and A/C equipment worker showed up a short while later, but he worked on the air conditioning upgrade efficiently, and I was happy with the work. The Heating and A/C professional took care of the air duct and said that it needed expert cleaning. With the air duct clean and a current AC filter, our component was working like new.
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