I found an cooling system inside the wall

Ever since my partner plus I first moved into our new home my buddy and I have been hearing certainly weird sounds coming from inside the wall.

Admittedly in the start my buddy and I were pretty scooped out by it however after living with it for a while my buddy and I just got used to it plus it began to be background noise, and it was the same repetitive mechanical noise, plus since it was always going every single afternoon my buddy and I never certainly thought that much of it… We just figured that was something inside the wall that was running plus my buddy and I just didn’t know what it was… However, curiosity eventually got the best of me plus I decided to open up the inside of the wall to see what it was I was making that noise in there.

What I found completely shocked me, there was a ductless mini split air conditioner inside the wall! How in the world the ductless mini split got there or how long it had been in there, or why it was in there to begin with will forever remain a mystery to me. It is absolutely one of the strangest things by far that I have found on my own, then the fantastic news is that it still works perfectly well though plus so I’m going to be using it for other cooling things. In fact, during the summer time months it consistently gets certainly warm in my house plus so I know that it will be perfect for me to use on my own side of my central air conditioner… Between the two of them I’ll have a perfectly cool house.
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