I hoped the HVAC worker could help me

I went on a much needed vacation last summer.

See, I work long hours, and at times this can go on for 7 days in a week.

But, I love my job, so I don’t always feel like I am doing work. It’s more like following my passion. Things blew up when I started posting my work on social media in 2020, and the orders have tripled in number. I always want my customers to feel the love and appreciation I have for them. So, I make sure every order meets the standard, and satisfies the customer. Well, early last summer I had to take a break for my well-being and went on my first vacation since 2019. This was 4 weeks of pure relaxing, and seeing some amazing places. When I got back, I was rejuvenated and ready to dive back in. The only issue was the cooling system in my house wasn’t working. I got an alert on my phone that something was wrong when I was on vacation. This is the beauty of having a smart thermostat. I tried to adjust the temperature so my indoor plants can be happy, but got an error. This meant my cooling system was off, and I had to hire an HVAC worker to come take a look. Since I was too far away, the HVAC repair had to wait for a week until I got back home. On my way from the airport, I made sure to book the HVAC repair. The HVAC company offers same day service, so I hoped the HVAC worker they sent would help me. He did a quick inspection and noticed that I hadn’t changed my air filter in a long time. A quick change and it was like the cooling system was never off.


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