I will not be able to get there at all

I’m so disappointed with my lack of time management skills, thanks to my bad time management skills I’m not going to be able to get there in time, then i’m talking about my air conditioner, or what would have been my air conditioner.

I have been looking to get a brand current ductless mini split AC for quite some time now but all my local heating as well as I see this is wanting to charge way too much for one as well as so I was looking to see if I could find one that was available locally from any individual sellers for a cheaper price.

I found the ductless mini split what air conditioner that I wanted in an ad as well as I decided that I was going to respond to it, however I was sort of hesitant about responding to it, what if I found another real one that was even better price? Then maybe I should go for that one as soon as possible, however so I waited a week or two before replying now the one that I originally wanted was gone. I should have just contacted the seller when they had it available when I first saw it, after that I would have known for sure that I would still have a opening at getting it but now I lost it as well as I’m going to have to look for another ductless mini split AC. I did not get to the ad in time to get to the ductless mini split air conditioner I wanted, then now I’m staying on the lookout to see if I can find any other air conditioners that are more affordable.

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