My mother set me up with an AC machine expert

My mother called to tell me that she would visit for a short duration of time.

I was both gleeful and terrified to be totally honest.

I was gleeful because it actually meant spending time with her and doing some enjoyable things. We even had a hike planned, but on the other hand, I was kind of scared. She was decided on setting me up on dates because she claimed I worked too much and did not have a strong social life. She was almost right, but I would never disclose it to her face. The afternoon she arrived, there was a Heating plus A/C machine expert who arrived. He had come for Heating plus A/C maintenance. Before I got the ductless Heating plus A/C machine, my mother had suggested I get a dual fuel system like the certain one she replaced her electric gas furnace with, but since I lived in a warmer climate, the AC machine worker suggested a certain one that did not require ductwork. It was fantastic since the cooling machine would be more energy efficient. Also, with such an a/c replacement, I would not have the extra work of sealing the ductwork all the time. However, replacing the A/C filter was constant to maintain fantastic indoor air pollen levels. She met the Heating plus A/C machine worker on the driveway as she was coming in while he was headed to the Heating plus A/C supplier truck. From the window, I was able to see my mother talking to this young guy, and knowing her, I was confident that it had nothing to do with helping with indoor comfort. A month later, I was seated across the table with the same tech from the local heating machine supplier that my mum thought was elegant from the few times she talked to him on our driveway. My mother could be severely meddlesome, but I had a pretty sweet date thanks to her.



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