So many advertisements for air conditioning

Recently every time I have been watching TV I have been noticing that there’s been a large increase of ads for air conditioners both on my TV plus on my PC.

On my iPad I know the ads are following me because I was looking up odd air conditioners that were available from some local heating plus AC businesses.

I was thinking about getting either a ductless mini split air conditioner or a window AC system plus now ever since then I have been having a bunch of ads on my iPad that have been following me around trying to sell me one of these odd AC systems. However, I cannot explain why I am having so many heating and air conditioning ads on my TV. Are advertisements for heating plus cooling actually just that popular? I keep getting this one commercial in particular where there is an older lady talking about how she updated to a smart thermostat, plus how it works good with her heating plus AC system. The commercial then goes into some details about how smart thermostat and how her heating plus AC component works. I am not actually interested in these advertisements so I can just keep seeing them anyways. I do not actually mind too much as long as I can skip them. I do not have any need to get any current Heating plus cooling products. I do not have you with all the ones that I have. The only exception is the window AC that I was considering buying plus that’s just an add-on to my current Heating plus Air Conditioning products.



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