Space heaters can be a lifesaver when the furnace fails

My partner isn’t a doomsday fanatic, but he likes to be prepared. I think it all stems from his upbringing. His grandpa has a bunker for the entire family packed with supplies to last them for months. This trait to always be prepared trickled down to his son, and then to my partner. But, he doesn’t have a bunker or something like that. Instead, he has two bags stuffed with stuff we’d need in case of an emergency. I love how passionate he is when explaining why he does this. But, I also worry it is too much strain to keep waiting for something bad to happen. He confesses the bunker his grandpa built was never used and he kept it stocked until he passed away. I think this is why my partner isn’t too extreme, though the logic of it all is ingrained in him. When we got a new HVAC system installed in the house we bought together, my partner swung into action. First, he purchased a powerful generator that we use when the power is off. Living in a cabin in an area famous with blizzards warrants getting a generator to keep the heat on. Next, he got three space heaters for the same purpose. This area gets to negative temperatures as early as November so it’s essential to have back up heating. We’ve only used the space heaters once and I was so grateful my partner purchased them. We had an issue with the furnace and couldn’t turn it on so we got the space heaters out before getting repair. His next project is to get portable ACs to use during summer.

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