The air conditioning component took some efforts

When my air conditioning component started giving me concerns I didn’t suppose too much.

  • I just did what most people do and I called my nearest heating and A/C business and tied up an appointment with them so they could send someone out to repair what the source of the concern was.

It didn’t take absolutely long at all for the air conditioning specialist to come out here in fact he got out here relatively fast and I was surprised with how quick he was. However getting here fast was one thing, him working fast was an genuinely different thing. The heating & air conditioning guy was here for 2 hours and he still wasn’t done! I kept asking him what was wrong with my air conditioning component but he would just dodge the question every time I asked him. I thought this was truly strange, then why was he taking so long and what was wrong with my A/C system? After another 4 hours he finally finished the air conditioning component and he said that he had a strenuous time getting it to toil respectfully. I found this to be truly unproper so I decided to schedule an appointment with a different air conditioning repair business and get a second opinion. When the second heating and A/C worker came out he told me that I had many things that were wrong with my A/C component and that was truly why, although I told him that the Heating and A/C guy before him had told me I didn’t have anything wrong with that he didn’t have an A/C unit. Now I have another A/C guy that came out here and took forever, and now this A/C guy is telling me that I have all these concerns dude what is going on? The Heating and A/C order was suspected that I might have been scammed, he repaired all the things that were wrong with my air conditioning component and he proposed not to go with the other Heating and A/C business again.



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